We will hold a general meeting where information will be presented about the Title I program, the curriculum and academic assessments. Parents will learn about:

  • School-wide program
  • How to schedule parent-teacher conferences and visit classroom
  • Opportunities for participation in decisions related to the education of their child and assessment plans
  • How parents can help at home
  • Written communication will be available in English and Spanish

Parents will be notified through flyers home, blackboard connect messages to parents, announcements made through schools’ website and Facebook page.

We are a Title 1 School Wide Program

Title 1 is a federal program assistance program that supports schools, through educational funding, in meeting students’ academic needs at Team Success “A School of Excellence”.

Involvement of Parents

We believe in involving parents in all aspects of our school. Our parents and our School Advisory Council (SAC) have the responsibility for developing, implementing and evaluating the various school level plans, including the School Improvement Plan (SIP) and Parental Involvement Plan (PIP). Parent meetings are held at various times. Results of the parent surveys are reviewed by:

  • parents and members of SAC
  • discussed at Parent Workshop

Input is gathered during parent meetings regarding how parental involvement funds will be used.


At the end of the year parents are given an opportunity to provide the school with input. Your feedback is valuable to us.