Supporting our Families

Parents that have severe economic challenges still want the best for their kids.

Parents want a safe environment that is conducive to learning.  Parents want an academic environment that sets high expectations and want the right to choose the best learning environment for their kids.  Because TEAM SUCCESS provides this type of learning environment, our parents are real team players with a unique commitment to the parental role in the education of their children.

Team Success Students realize quickly they are part of a family.

If we see needs that our children have that could stall their academic success, we will help them and their family to get what they need. We have one of the highest poverty rates in the region — and we work to overcome problems outside of the classroom in order to improve student performance.

When teachers at Team Success saw two students squinting to read a whiteboard in 2011, they began to wonder how many other students at the F-rated school might have poor eyesight. School officials sought help from Prevent Blindness Florida, a non-profit group that agreed to pay for vision screening for all 280 students. Some students were found to have chronic vision problems, and in all 70 students — a quarter of the school’s population — required vision correction, and were given free glasses. Though other factors played a role, no one doubts that the vision program helped the school make one of the most stunning turnarounds in school grades in the region. The school grade based on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test jumped three letter grades from an F to an A.


Other Family and Child Centered Programs We offer at Team Success:


  • Two Free Hot Meals a Day.
  • Take Home Meals. Weekend take home meals for students in need.
  • Reliable transportation. We have 7 buses used by 90% of our children.
  • Complementary Uniforms, Shoes and Backpacks
  • Free Optometry Examinations and Eye Glasses
  • Annual Career Days, Educational and Recognition Field Trips
  • Community Collaboration & Services Support
  • Holiday Family Assistance Programs


Team Success works with the Florida Parental Information and Resource Center at the University of South Florida (Florida PIRC at USF), a federally funded project of the US Department of Education to provide training and technical assistance to effectively involve parents in their children’s education in order for all students to achieve at the highest academic level. The Florida PIRC at USF also helps Team Success meet the requirements for parent involvement of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title I legislation.