Team Success Overview

Team Success is a successful Title 1 Charter School in Bradenton, Florida (Manatee County). In two years, we rose from an “F” school in 2010 to an “A” school in 2012. Our unique and successful training has brought together children, families and teachers to be excited to learn and thrive.

Our significant success includes caring for, attending to and interacting with entire families, not just one student.

We create an exciting, fun and team oriented program where our students are rock stars and professional athletes of education. Class teams are created and recognized for the group’s success as well as individual achievement.

Our teachers are from every walk of life, and staff development is geared to strengthening individual teachers skills.

Data Driven Instruction:

  • Ongoing Student Performance Assessment & Results Management
  • Individualized curriculum based on data from performance results
  • Curriculum adjusted through regular management process to increase student performance

Family and Child Centered Programs:

  • Two Free Hot Meals a Day
  • Take Home Meals. Weekend take home meals for students in need
  • Reliable transportation. We have 7 buses used by 90% of our children

Complementary Uniforms, Shoes and Backpacks

  • Free Optometry Examinations and Eye Glasses
  • Annual Career Days, Educational and Recognition Field Trips
  • Community Collaboration & Services Support
  • Holiday Family Assistance Programs

Teacher/Student Feedback Programs:

  • Visible Hands On Leadership, Support & Presence
    • Establishment of High Student Expectations & Decorum Standards
  • Mandatory Uniform Dress Code & Appearance Standards
  • Informal Teacher-Student Mentorships (Role Model Focus)
  • Reduced Student Teacher Ratio through Teaching Teams
  • Daily Teacher Team Meetings Regarding Students

Intensive Tutoring:

  • Saturday Classes
  • Specialized Tutoring Programs for Low Performing Students

Persistent Focus on High Academic Expectations

  • Recognition & Celebration of Academic Excellence
  • Student Monetary & Activity Rewards for High Achievement & Growth
  • Recognition Field Trips for High Achievement and Growth
  • Honors Program Placement Assistance for Graduating 8th Graders.
  • Student Learning Cluster & Competition Concept with rewards.
  • Positive Team Competition Programs – “Each 1 Reach 1”

Teacher Quality and Training

  • Retention of Motivated & Committed Teachers
  • Educator Academic Freedom for Creative Instructional Methodologies.
  • Daily Planning Period for Teachers Before School Starts.
  • High Quality Staff Development with outside professionals and individualized programs.