We are Team Success

Champions Found at Team Success A School of Excellence

According to a report from the Southern Education Foundation published in October 2013, The New Majority: Low Income Students in the South and Nation, the majority of children who attend public schools in America are in the South and are poor, lack the support at home to succeed and are more than likely to drop out of school or never attend college. At a time when some have simply written off low income children attending public schools, when parents often feel paralyzed against the backdrop of the overwhelming challenges facing their children and when poor children are considered as pipeline prospects in the reprehensible prison industrial complex, Fred Spence and the Team Success: A School of Excellence have become an oasis of learning for children. They have changed the education trajectory with the rock-hard support of administrators, teachers, parents and students in Bradenton, Florida who will accept nothing less than the best.

Team Success School offers a dynamic motivational program with a proven record of yielding remarkable improvements in student performance. The founders were driven by their passion for education and a vision to deliver the best possible academic training to elementary and middle-school students in Manatee County. The extraordinary level of commitment and cooperation between the faculty, parents and students has put the school on the leading edge of school reform.

At Team Success School of Excellence, pep rallies are not reserved for just the athletes. They offer academic superstars the same level of recognition, proving that the technique is just as successful in the classroom as in sports.

Team Success was formerly the Police Athletic League Academy created to serve students in at-risk neighborhoods threatened by gangs, drugs, violence and poverty opened by the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. Team Success eventually became independent of the Sheriff’s Office and after years of dismal student test scores and consistent “F” ratings for the school, the board of directors was faced with shutting the school down or turning it around. At the time Spence was a former Sarasota, Florida school administrator who in 2007 took over Police Athletic League Academy Charter School and two years later took over total control of operations and changed the name to the current Team Success School of Excellence. Over a six year period under Spence’s leadership, Team Success’ school grades fluctuated between Cs and sunk to an F one year. During the first three years he hired a principal to manage day to day operations. The year the school received the “F” he took the bold step of firing 80% of the staff as well as the principal and from that point on Spence has served CEO and principal and set Team Success on its current path to excellence.